The EFL harms the fans yet again.

The English Football League tonight has granted a motion put forward by Blackpool FC on Monday evening to suspend ticket sales to Leyton Orient fans for Saturday’s clash to end the season.

The motion was granted as a response to the Orient fans invading the pitch in a peaceful protest to the ownership of their famous and historic club, in much the same way that Blackpool fans have protested against the ownership of their club.


The fans of both clubs are staring the very real possibility in the face that without significant and rapid change one or both of the clubs could cease to exist, with Orient facing a winding up order on the 12th June. The London club has already been relegated to the National league after 112 years in the football league and could be subject to a points deduction for the sit-in protest at the weekend.

The protest is one of many already conducted by fans of both clubs and the suspension of ticket sales is an attempt to prevent a larger scale organised joint protest, under the guise of fan safety, whilst neither sets of fans have no history of anything other than peaceful protests, to rescue the clubs they love.


The Football League needs to do much more to protect these historic institutions from being destroyed by owners who have no interest in the footballing success of the teams. The fat cats who care not for the history of them or the fans who have the clubs in their DNA but will not relinquish them for status or financial reasons. Once again the Football League are punishing the fans who have already suffered more than enough, thanks to the EFL’s lack of effective governance of the sport.


The league once again finds a way to harm its most important part of the sport, the fans. Football is being ripped away from the fans yet again and given to those who are destroying the game, the clubs, the history. The likes of the Oystons and Becchittis are a blight on the game. The two sets of fans came together in their last fixture to protest the atrocious way their clubs are being driven into the ground, and the Oystons will be fearful of what another fan protest, especially if it is a pitch invasion. Blackpool has a suspended fine of £50,000 looming over their heads if there is another postponement.


The EFL will release an update at 18:00 on Tuesday. With any luck they will have seen sense and allow the Orient fans purchase tickets, to see their club in what could very well be their last ever fixture as Leyton Orient Football Club. If the league has any more sense, they will find a way to prevent the likes of the Oystons, the Becchittis from ever being allowed near these cherished institutions ever again.

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