Launched in 2017, SplitFocusSports is a project by sports fans for sports fans writing about the teams and league they have a passion for. The name Split Focus comes from the reality that most sports fans have more than one sport or team they have a focus on, this website embraces this fact.

Split Focus Sports is a new sports site dedicated to writing about the teams, sports and leagues we are passionate about.

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SplitFocusSports takes fans into the heart of the action. Photo: CarolJMoir


Splitfocussports.com champions the cause of “minority” sports within the UK and beyond, with growing coverage of the BBL, EIHL, lower league football and much more as well as top tier American and European sports. 

At SplitFocusSports, we care about what the fans care about, and we care about the story. No puff pieces, no clickbait, just the story, by fans for fans.