10 things I noticed this week

Welcome to the first, maybe last, hopefully semi-regular, ‘I’ll do some when I get to it’ edition of 10 things I noticed this week. The title is pretty self-explanatory and I hope to stick to sport, especially as this is meant to be a sports blog. Without further delay let’s crack on: (Warning: I do not intend for this to be a clickbait thing, nothing will blow your mind unless you find my vague observations to be mind blowing)

#1 – Harry Kane got injured

As a long suffering Spurs fan (25 years and counting) it’s nice to have a Spurs team that looks the part. Whilst the annual ‘Spursing’ has yet to commence I always feel confident that as long as Harry Kane stays fit he’ll do his best to make it as respectable a ‘Spursing’ as possible. On Sunday Kane got injured…bugger. Vincent Janssen finally scored his first goal from open play and hopefully, this is a sign of things to come if Kane is injured for an extended period of time.

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#2 – WrestleMania is soon

At the risk of turning this into a personal to-do list I will attempt to add some insight into the things I notice, or else I might just post my weekly shop in place of this. WrestleMania, the granddaddy of wrestling events, is here April 2nd (April 3rd here in the U.K) and the card looks a bit flat. Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg for the Universal Championship seems to be the most billed match, despite Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt being one of the best-worked story arcs in recent years. WrestleMania has always valued the spectacle and well-known wrestlers that stray fans will recognise and there’s very little wrong with that; the WWE is a business and if Goldberg vs Lesnar brings in the money then you’d be foolish not to take it.

#3 – Attitude Era WWF was not as good as I remember

I watched the 1999 Royal Rumble match yesterday whilst I was eating dinner and came to two conclusions. The first is that the crowd popped for everyone. The second was that other than the main event stars the quality of wrestling was poor. The Attitude Era perceived as being the peak of WWF/E and everything that has come since is yet to reach its level. To an extent this feels true, the crowd were much more invested in the mid-card gimmicks than it seems today but the quality of wrestling was not to the standard of today. Kane and Diesel (Kevin Nash) aside, the huge ‘monsters’ generally looked in terrible physical condition and wrestled about as well as they looked. Maybe I’m now used to the sleeker and more polished style of today but by the time Austin returned to the arena driving an ambulance I was ready to switch off.

#4 – Who is Manchester United’s leader?

Captaincy and leadership can be very different things in football, sometimes the player with the armband isn’t necessarily the true leader of a team. I’m typing this as Manchester United look like they’re about to depart from the F.A Cup to Chelsea. Ander Hererra’s sending off seemed harsh to me but this team lacks discipline and organisation. A captain often plays well but a true leader ensures that his teammates don’t lose their cool; especially in a game where they can nick a goal if they calmed down. This entry was finished in the 81st minute of the game and is riddled with a huge cliché.

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#5 -I’m not particularly observant

Good God, I thought I’d at least have 10 things to notice but this is ridiculously hard. How does Buzzfeed do it!?

#6 – Don Bradman 17 is pretty good, after a while…

Sports games count, right? Well Don Bradman 17, whilst not as good as its predecessor, certainly scratches a cricket itch I’ve had for a while. The game mechanics have their moments wherein the fielders are either bumbling morons incapable of throwing the ball or field shots rifled at them with a fluency that makes me think Superman is in the field. However, much like all games that are difficult, to begin with, once you begin hitting your stride you feel a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t come with simpler games.

#7 – Muirfield finally allows female members

I’ll keep this one brief as there are far more informed people than I to discuss the finer aspects of gender specific clubs and societies. It strikes me as odd that even in 2017 it takes threats from a sporting body to overturn something that other bodies abolished years ago. The vote, which passed by 5%, will signal a return of professional majors at some point in the near future. Cogs may turn slowly towards progress and money may be the grease that helps them move but genuine altruism in sport can be hard to come across.

#8 – I think I’m being won over by rugby

Time for a confession; the last two rugby matches I’ve watched have not been terrible and I think I enjoyed them. I’ve always advocated football over rugby as the better sport, primarily because I’ve always found rugby to be tedious. 80 minutes of people running into each other and hoofing it long for territory had never appealed to me but the last two games have been different. Instead of a war of attrition, I’ve watched players burst through gaps and shifts in play to exploit gaps rather than hand-offs to the big guy to push a couple of yards. Hopefully, I’m being spoiled and rugby will revert back to being boring again, but that seems petty of me.

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#9 – What will I watch over the summer?

I’ve come to a realisation that we’re in what I’d consider a ‘down year’ in terms of summer sport. Football finishes with no international tournament to see me through the summer and as much as I love cricket it doesn’t come as frequently as the World Cup nor can I afford to attend every Essex home game. If there’s anything worth watching in the summer leave a comment and I’ll try to catch it. (Yes I’m aware that’d be giving me free ideas, but you’ll get credit).

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#10 – Writing isn’t too bad

I’ve toyed with the idea of writing in my spare time for a few years now but due to other commitments and a concern that no one will read my stuff (I’ve accepted no one will read my stuff) I’d never tried it. I find writing to be quite relaxing and a good change up from my usual leisure time of playing video games and watching sport. Hopefully, the next few editions of this focus more on sports than this one has, but we all have to begin somewhere.

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